Rules to be followed by the parents/guardians
  1. At the beginning of each session if the student is absent for the first three days without leave or prior information his/her name may be struck off from the school scholar register. Re-admission may be considered only if vacancy exists.

  2. All students must report to school at the reporting time.

  3. The school authorities will not be responsible for the children after the school hours.

  4. Regular parents teachers meetings will be held during which the progress of the wards will be discussed.

  5. Parents/guardians of children are requested to sign –
    a. The notices sent out periodically.
    b. The assignments given to the children for home work.
    c. Exercise books in which work has been assessed.
    d. Report cards.

  6. In all correspondence with the school, name, class, and section of the child must be stated clearly. Parents /guardians must write their names below their signature.

  7. Private tuitions will be allowed after a written permission has been obtained from the Principal. All private tuition must stop at least seven days before the examinations in all the classes. No teacher will take a new tuition in the last term.

  8. All parents/ guardians must ensure that their children have prepared their lessons well and have completed their home work, if any , before coming to school.

  9. Parents/ guardians must check the school dairy for any reports made by the teachers. The reports if any must be signed by them.

  10. Students must not damage the school property. They must not write on the walls or on the furniture else they will be fined for it. Throwing of ink or paint is a punishable offence.

  11. All parents/ guardians must take the slip from office before meeting any of the staff members in school.

  12. No student will be permitted to leave the school premises during class hours. Parents/guardians should obtain a written permission from the Principal for any emergency.

  13. Once a child enters in school campus will not be sent back home for any reason (except for any sudden demise in the direct family or if a child is not well only) before the school gives over.

  14. Parents must make sure that their ward(s) are punctual to school. Three late comings in a month are exempted, fourth time onwards the ward(s) will be marked absent and will be sent back home.

  15. Parents may come to meet the teachers to discuss their ward(s) behaviour / performance for one hour after school on any working Saturday.